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Our Mission

The mission of the Hood River-Tsuruta Sister City Organization is to promote friendship and cultural understanding between the communities of Hood River and Tsuruta, which is located in Japan's Aomori Prefecture.


Hood River-Tsuruta Sister City, Inc. was established on July 27, 1977.  Since inception, the primary goal of the sister city program has been to promote friendship and cultural understanding.  An active exchange program for middle- and high school students grew for over four decades until it was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  We provide scholarships for college tuition to graduates of Hood River Valley High School, and we are planning for upcoming student exchanges in 2024.​  


In 2023, with more than 45 years of sister city program history, our board remains committed to the original vision for the organization.  Near-term goals include reestablishing annual in-person visits by Tsuruta's students with host families in Hood River, and providing students from Hood River with an opportunity to visit Tsuruta.

Support Our Organization

Thank you for your interest in the Hood River-Tsuruta Sister City Organization.  Please note, we are a small group of volunteers and it may take some time before you receive a response to an inquiry.

We have low annual dues for  memberships by individuals and families.  Financial donations are of course appreciated, but the greatest gifts to the organization include: 1) offering to host students and their adult chaperones who are visiting from Tsuruta; and 2) volunteering your time to help with events including fundraisers and student exchanges.  If you have more time to share, please ask about joining the board of directors.

Organization members receive occasional email updates and newsletters, and have voting privileges during annual elections for the board of directors.

To become a member, continue by selecting the button below and filling out the form. Thank you!

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